Better Public Relations for Waltham? Report Says It's Needed

Does Waltham need better public relations.

Waltham City Hall
Waltham City Hall
A new report on Waltham calls for the city to improve its public relations efforts.

"Respondents wished that Waltham had better public relations and wished that Waltham would get the credit it deserves. They wanted better publicity of events and services – suggesting that Waltham turn an empty downtown business front into a Waltham information center," the "Waltham Visions" report compiled by the League of Women Voters states.

While the report does not state it, the city's public relations efforts have increased in recent years. Waltham Police are very active on social media and routinely put out press releases. They also have two officers designated for public relations. 

The Waltham Fire Department has a firefighters designated for public relations as well.

Does Waltham need better public relations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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