Aly Raisman to be Spokesman for Waltham-Based Organization

Aly Raisman is a two-time Gold medalist.

Aly Raisman. File photo
Aly Raisman. File photo
Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman will be the new spokeswoman for Waltham-based Walden Behavioral Care. 

Raisman, a Needham native and Olympic gymnast, will serve as the spokeswoman for Walden Behavioral Care and the Walden Center for Eating Disorder Education and Research, located at 9 Hope Ave. 

“While I have never had an eating disorder, I have known people who have had them and I have seen the effect they can have,” Raisman said in a press release.  “Given Walden’s commitment to raising awareness about the dangers of eating disorders and providing prevention programs in schools, I’m thrilled to be a spokesperson and hope to inspire people to live confidently and to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.”


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