MSPCA Nevins pet of the week


Petite and sweet, Autumn loves chin scratches and cuddles. She is tiny, like a mini maine coon kitty, and so so soft. While Autumn's background is a bit of a mystery, she has been a total love bug with everyone at the adoption center. Autumn loves to play with all kinds of mice and feathery toys, and will give you head butts! She likes to be held and petted and brushed.

Autumn is about 9 years young. Surrendered as a stray, Autumn underwent minor surgery at the adoption center to remove a small lump, and although it was completely removed, there is no way of knowing if or when it may return.

We all know people with cancer, maybe some of us have had pets with cancer. We all know that it is important for them to have quality of life for however long they have. So for this reason, Autumn waits for her 'hero', a person, couple or family that is willing to open their heart and home to provide a warm loving environment for Autumn. 

She would like to be the only pet because she isn't fond of sharing her space with other dogs and cats. Autumn is happy to live indoors, napping in a favorite chair in a sunny window. 


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