Local Seniors Earn Diplomas

Recently, residents at Waltham Crossings, a Benchmark Senior Living community located in Waltham, MA, were put to the test during a College Knowledge Trivia Challenge. When asked what they wish they had done in their lives, many residents regret not being able to go to college in their younger years. With this program, they were challenged with subjects they would’ve learned in college, had they been able to attend. Categories ranged from politics, science, history, literature, history, and popular culture just for fun.

Residents competed in teams of three, earning points for every correct answer. The winners were Matt Slate, Rita Hurley, and Peg Mayer, proving that their life experiences could stand the test of higher education. Every contestant left with a diploma from Waltham Crossings University and the feeling of accomplishment. They were proud to have passed such a difficult “final exam” so painlessly. A few residents were also happy to show off their diplomas to their grandchildren, whose graduation season is fast approaching.

Waltham Crossings is a Benchmark Senior Living community located on Smith Street in Waltham, MA.


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