Kaplan’s New Metis Course Attracting Local Companies Who Seek Advanced Software Professionals

With some of the world’s most prestigious technology firms such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google taking root in Boston, it’s no surprise that the need for new web developers is on the rise. Kaplan test prep along with partner thoughtbot are launching Metis.


This breakthrough and pilot course is designed as a new economy skills training (NEST) program to provide immersive training in skills that are in high demand in today’s job market, preparing participants for hire.   Students will be trained in HTML5: Erb, CSS: Sass, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and Git, and will learn how to independently create Ruby on Rails applications throughout the 12-week program.


The most enticing portion of the course is the “Hiring Day” that will take place at the end of the course. This event will bring together the newly trained software developers and potential employers of local companies that are searching for their acquired skillset. Currently, five Massachusetts companies are scheduled to attend the event and this list is still growing. These five companies consist of:


1.      CoachUp

2.      WegoWise

3.      Wistia

4.      LevelUp

5.      Constant Contact



The first classes will start on February 24, 2014 and run out of thoughtbot’s founding office in Boston, on 41 Winter Street, where the firm has consulted for more than 50 startups and other organizations. Interested participants are able to apply online at metis’s website and will be reviewed for one of the classes 30 seats.  


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