Independent contractors wanted!

We are currently looking for a variety of individuals across the US to fill these various roles:


Our local consultants (LCCs) are independent contractors who provide on-the-ground support for host parents and au pairs during their year together.

Our sales representatives promote our unique intercultural, live-in childcare program in local communities and around the country.  

In addition to those opportunities we are also looking for affiliates and referral agents.

Affiliates are bloggers or website owners willing to post a link or ad representing Cultural Care on their site. They are paid per lead received by Cultural Care Au Pair.

Referral agents are well-connected to families online and/or in their communities, but do not have an interest in selling the au pair program. Referral agents are paid per referral who hosts an au pair with Cultural Care Au Pair. 


To learn more, please visit us onlinehttp://consultant.culturalcare.com/ 

and submit your qualifications athttp://www.tfaforms.com/217803

Cultural Care Au Pair’s childcare and cultural exchange program offers families affordable childcare customized to their needs with a unique international perspective. It is a cultural exchange program regulated by The US Department of State. We have placed over 90,000 au pairs since 1989.



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