Explore Music Offerings at Waltham Boys & Girls Club on June 13

Event information
Event information

As school doors close and kids look forward to slow, lazy summer days, parents are faced with choosing activities for their kids that will be both fun and educational. It is important to find a balance during the summer months because studies confirm that kids can lose about 2.6 months of math skills and as much as two months of reading skills if they take a long break from learning.

And, summer is a great time for your child to try something new and explore community programs available.  Why not choose music lessons or other music related activity? Studies show that skills learned through the study of music transfer to school-related skills such as self-discipline. Learning music in one-on-one lessons or as a group over the summer helps students experience the joy of music while gaining skills to keep them sharp. 

The Waltham Boys & Girls Club, located at 20 Exchange St. Waltham, MA, offers members who join for $15 per year both private and group instruction in voice and instruments including guitar, piano and drums. The Club also has a new recording studio and works with members to write and create music, preparing it for recording and/or performance. To join the Club or to learn more call: 781-893-6620 or visit  www.walthambgc.org.

This Friday, June 13 at 6:00 pm, families with children are invited to attend The Waltham Boys & Girls Club free open house and opportunity to “Touch an Instrument” – learn about instruments and try one out for the first time. Families are invited to stay for a concert featuring young performers from the Club music program as well as featured teen bands. The “FridayJAMS” event starts at 7pm at 20 Exchange Street, Waltham, and is presented with Pavoh, Inc. as part of the Celebrate Music! Partnership. Learn more about the partnership at  www.pavoh.org

For 75 years, Waltham Boys & Girls Club has motivated its members to choose positive behaviors, to respect themselves and others, and, to care for the Club and the world beyond.  Their mission is to ensure that young people have a safe and inviting place to learn and grow under the guidance of talented and caring staff, all while remaining affordable and accessible. The club is open Monday through Friday, provides free recreational games, a technology center, instructional cooking, music recording studio, leadership and community service opportunities and tutorial assistance. 

Pavoh, Inc. brings together young musicians of all genres and backgrounds. Young people build confidence, self-esteem and community through music and the arts. Pavoh’s mission is to provide young musicians with accessible learning opportunities that drive artistic growth and empower self-expression. Pavoh does this through: programs, partnerships and one of-a-kind experiences. Location: 14 Spring St. First Floor, Waltham, MA. 


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